Barcelona Psychotherapy

Claudia Ros Tusquets, MA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Member of the Official College of Psychologists

Member of NEST (Network of English Speaking Therapists in Barcelona)
Psychology Barcelona and Therapy Barcelona
About me
Born in Spain, and resident in the US for 11 years
M.A. in Clinical Psychology / Psychotherapy from the Universidad Ramon Llull
Experience in various public and private institutions
Private practice since 1997

Location / Contact in Barcelona
Sants , Les Corts
Tel: +34 93 410 2962 / +34 657 570 692
- long-term psychotherapy for adults and adolescents

- brief focused therapy for adults and adolescents

- couples and family treatments

- supportive therapy
Psychology Barcelona and Therapy Barcelona
Numerous years of experience, combined with diverse educational experiences have provided the opportunity for working with patients of various cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. This includes the following types of work:

for children and adolescents

School problems, family conflicts, and specific psychological concerns

for adults

Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, eating disorders, grief and loss, recovery from recent or childhood trauma, life transitions, cultural concerns, addictive behaviors, work related issues, and relationship problems

for couples

Communication, conflict resolution skills, fertility, sexuality, and intimacy issues

The psychodynamic approach, which uses early life experiences and dreams to access deeper levels of the psyche, is extended and adapted using analytical techniques to fit the current needs of each individual. This translates into a practical treatment that provides changes in thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Therapy grants a safe place in which to think about what is currently happening in your life, with respect to the way you see yourself and the way you communicate your feelings. In doing so, you can improve the abiltity to solve your personal problems, and relationships with others.
Psychology Barcelona and Therapy Barcelona